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EVGA GeFroce GTX 660 Ti SC problems

Bernd Van Praet

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today I bought this GTX 660 Ti card:



Now, before the swap from the HD 5870 to the 660 Ti

I changed Graphics Enabler from Yes to No.

Installed the CUDA Drivers.


Swapped the cards and the system just booted fine.

Now at the moment after installing Fake SMC nVidea plugins... the system freezes.

When I restarted the system it stuck on the Apple logo, but no spinning wheel...

When trying -v it hangs at the photo in the attachment: first photo.



When I reswap to my HD 5870 the system just boots fine...

Installed the latest drivers that where released by nVidea, but no succes...


when using following bootflags "-x -v" I get this screen: second photo.



What can be the problem?

It's really strange, because I tried to do a clean install on seperated HDD, but it don't boot the the installer....


Kind regards,



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