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[Help] AMD Radeon HD 6250 res. fix SL


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i'am trying to fix the resolution of this Chipset (1002:9804), which is integrated in the AMD C-50 APU and its based on "ATI Radeon Mobility 4330". i had giving up to fix that by myself... so iam asking for help ;)


I know (by checking the Linux X11 Src) the Chipset is declared as "PALM" which would lead to "Evergreen" but that doesnt make much sense. I played a bit around with Chimera branch and added the DeviceID as Evergreen > CHIP_FAMILY_"Evergreen" (Cypress ... and so on), but with that it cant read the right VRAM (alway leads to 0MB) if i use CHIP_FAMILY_RV710 the memory is detected correctly (256MB), but this is the end of what i can get out.


I hope someone as an idea to fix the resolution (i dont need acceleration if that would also work would be nice but it isnt necessary).


I tried to edit the dumped Atom BIOS but nothing changed. Also i tried to override the EDID information of he integrated LCD Display.




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