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Slow Launchpad and No Hardware Acceleration 10.8.2


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So I recently Hackintoshed my desktop to 10.8.2. It worked out of the box once i got it booting. I have video acceleration and the works and it was working fine (i7 920, GTX 460, Gigabyte X58-UD4P).


All was fine and dandy, but I had this weird flicker on the refresh rate of some colors. Primarily certain shades of greys, and some yellows. Not too bad, but just enough to make me want to explore fixing it.


I then saw the 304 drivers for 10.8.1, and without reading the threads, tried to install it. Not heeding the warning by the installer, I opened the mpkg and manually copied over the Kext files to my Extensions folder.


it booted, but then once i got to the login screen and tried to login, the screen would flash white, and dump me back to the login screen. Bummer, I broke something. I restored my old kexts, deleted all the kexts i moved over, and refreshed all my kextcaches.


Everything works again, but now I dont have hardware acceleration. My Launchpad is super slow. I can see the render line moving down the screen as it tries to draw the Launchpad. I tried to play Guild Wars 2 (It worked perfectly fine before) and now it just errors it could not find a Hardware OpenGL renderer.


I have tried reloading my entire Kext set from the kakewalk install, by deleting all my kexts, and installing all new ones from the kakewalk USB manually (I boot into the installer, and used the Terminal to do all the hackery). Nothing seems to work to fix the issue.


So i come here asking to see if anyone knows how I might be able to restore the original 10.8.2 functionality i had with video rendering, short of wiping and installing from scratch. Cause I JUST got everything setup to my liking.


If anyone wants, I can post of video of the launchpad slowness and such if needed.




[Edit] I do have a Macbook Air with 10.8.2 running on it. So if getting any official files is needed, i can grab them from there or the installer.

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