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HDD is reading unstoppable


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My configuration is



Gigabyte GA-H67MA-USB3-B3 (F8 BIOS)


SSD Corsair Force GT 60GB (OSX disk)


AMD Sapphire 6450HD 2GB RAM


I've installed 10.8.2

enabled TRIM with ChameleonSSD optimizer

disabled Spotlight & Sudden motion sensor through terminal

disabled Hard drive sleep


The problem is that my system (red light on my chassis) is reading unstoppable from my 500GB HDD

When i eject the 500GB HDD it's all ok

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configure spotlight in system preferences for not search in 500GB HD, or this can be what the System is indexing your disk, you can disable this from terminal command : sudo mdutil -a -i off

hei bro

Every time when I unplug my power supply using battery, my hdd is reading like crazy for several seconds

After a while, it's fine

Have some ideas about it ?

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if you have more of one partition in your disk try unmount that for test , but for this I don't have any medicine!!!

Well, I have about 6-7 partitions in total.

:( that's sad for they all contain lots of stuff

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