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Newbie getting back in the game - What's a good ultraportable/netbook to start with?


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Hey everyone


I've just gone back to college after a few years working IT support to study media. Our entire course is digital so I'll be using loads of MS Office and just general programs like iTunes for myself, chrome etc. As our course is digital it's recommended we use a laptop instead of pen and paper (how times have changed right?). So I figured it's a pretty good excuse to finally get a hackintosh machine going and learn a little about OSX.


Last time I built a hackintosh was back in 2009 so it's been quite a while. My question to you all is, what's a great out-the-box ultraportable or netbook to start with (I'm not looking to break the bank either!) and also which version of Lion/Mountain Lion is now the top dog to use and stick with? Also, if it helps, is there a particular loader that I would be best off using (I know this will probably link back to whichever laptop I decide to get).


I'm looking for an ultraportable as it'll be slung around with me in classes a lot, so I need something that won't take up too much space and is also nice and light. Sorry for the VERY nooby question, but I'm a broke college student and kind of need something I KNOW will work - I can't go out on a whim and buy something that looks like it should work only to find out that it doesn't. I'm sure you've all been there once too!


Really looking forward to hearing the replies!

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As ever see the wiki: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page and of course you use the latest version (ML) or your just wasting your time, OS's aren't supported for very long by apple. Chameleon is the standard universal bootloader everyone uses these days.


Also bear in mind we're talking about a hackintosh laptop. Its almost universally considered that laptops do not make good / perfect hacks except in very rare circumstances so this:

I can't go out on a whim and buy something that looks like it should work only to find out that it doesn't. I'm sure you've all been there once too!

Is a statement that you will never be able to be 100% sure about. Even if someone else reports a model as working that manufacturer could have changed something minor which then screws you over. Having said that it is generally easy to get a working install of OS X just with the odd few features missing.


I would recommend vanilla installation method (my guide is in my sig) but theres many other guides out there, if you wanted a really simple method you could go with myhack just avoid distros.

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