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Limitations and drawbacks for amd phenom II x3?


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Hey guys,


I'm gonna be converting my win7 rig to osx sl. I had decent results in VMware with 10.6.7. I was just looking for the limitation on amd processors, I know amd support is sparse if at all in some situations. Is there a sticky anywhere that will list what amd CPUs will and won't do under osx? For example, will I be able to run multi cores? Will I get full gpu support (1080p playback) I'm current running a phenom II x3 with the 4th core unlocked on a Asus m4a89gtd pro/usb3 with ati radeon hd 4290 integrated graphics.

If anyone might have some advice for these particular components I would greatly appreciate it.


Thx for your help!!

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