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vmware img works, how to proceed with real install?


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Hey guys,


Im new to the forum (i enjoyed the little quiz i had to take :P im studying comp. eng. tech in school, i wish the tests were that easy.) and im new to the world of hackintosh. I've been googling a lot the past few hours and there is an extreme wealth of information out there. However, its seems abit overwhelming at first glance and hard to decide where to even start. After reading and reading and reading, i decided to dive right in. I thought i should prolly start off in vm environment just to see how things go. I got my hands on a pre compiled vmware image of osx 10.6.7. From the comments it seemed to have a pretty high success rate.

The image file seem to run fairly smooth, just a minor bumps (usb doesnt work, audio is choppy. Both of which i understand are pretty common when dealing with initial installs. ) anyways, my question is, I'm ready to proceed with a real install but not sure what guide to follow or which method is the best. Could someone point me in the right direction? I'm looking for a current uptodate guide for amd installs. Also what version of osx should i start with? Should i start at ml and work my way back until I get a working setup, or at SL and upgrade?


Thx for the help guys i appreciate it!!


Pc specs:

Amd Phenom II x3 BE

Asus m4a89gTd usb3

Onboard graphics ati radeon hd 4290

Onboard audio

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