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Can't get the Kakewalk USB detected.


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I read up on all the procedures, and made myself a Kakewalk USB and copied over the MBR patch for 10.8 (trying to install Mountain Lion)


I have a EX58-UD4P motherboard which is supported, GTX480 video card and an i7920. all supported hardware from what I have seen.


The problem is when I put it into my PC, its not even detected or booted from. I messed with my Boot orders all day, and my bios is the latest version.


I tried USB-FDD, USB-HDD, and neither works. Always just goes to booting Windows 8 (I have Win8 RTM installed, hence the MBR patch). I also tried manually selecting what it should boot by going to the Boot menu with F12, nothing works.


Has anyone had any similar experiences? I am running out of ideas.


AllI have are 2 hard drives, a CD-Rom, MB/Video card. Everythign else is on the motherboard.


Thanks in advance.


P.S. I am making my USBs and such on my Macbook air, incase there is a Real vs Hackintosh issue when making the usbs or something.

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