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SAMP with "Crossover games" - go in single player mode. But debug mode works in multi.


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Hi everybody!

I'm Giuseppe and I'm writing from Italy biggrin.png


When I had a pc, I played with SAMP without problem....

But there was many year ago.

Now I buyed a Mac because it is useful for the university.

I watched several videos on youtube where SAMP works without problem on OSX.

In these videos, the users used some virtual machine like Parallels or Vmware.

But I think that isn't the best solution for the graphic speed in game.


My Gta San Andreas is the 1.00 version. wink_anim.gif


I searched on the web and I founded for the first time the software WINE....

This application is compatible with simple windows software, but when I install gta san andreas, the game doesn't start because WINE doesn't find my audio card.


I founded another software: CROSSOVER GAMES.

I installed Gta, and gta_sa.exe works very very well in single player!!! The graphic is fast!

Then, I installed SAMP, in the same "bottle". . . The words bottle, is used by crossover games to refer to a specific directory.


So, i installed samp in the same bottle of san andreas, at the end of installation i verified if the samp files where in the directory of SA, and it where there wink_anim.gif

If I launch samp.exe i can choose a server, but when it open the game, it starts in single player. ALWAYS.

I tried the method to select an option and then press ESC but I don't solve the problem.


I tried to solve the problem searching on google and i read different thread on different forum.

Several users says that they can play online with this method, but I'm unable to solve the problem! sad.gif


If i launch the debug mode, I can see the logo of SAMP biggrin.png but then I don't know how to select a server.


I know that there is the BOOTCAMP solution. but I want to use this solution at the end. In italian we say "Come ultima spiaggia" - "Like the last beach" . . . It means that if i will not solve the problem, I will use bootcamp.

Crossover games is an excellent software, the games are very fast with this. It's a pity that I can't solve the problem of online.


Anyone can help me?

Sorry for my bad english

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