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ML Install on Toshiba P770 (HM65 chipset / Sandy bridge / HD3000)


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Hi all.


i have a Toshiba P770 with:


Intel Core i7

HM65 Chipset

HD3000 Sandy Bridge / Nvidia GeForce Optimus GT 520M


i just create myHack usb installation ! Add my DSDT, and boot installation disk with -v (I remove all IntelHD*.kext)


All is working but installation never finish. When installing, at the end, installer say 3 minutes left, and never finish ...


Sometimes, when i start installing, clic on disk utility or a another thing, i get Mouse Loading and nothing ? loading loading and cannot do anything.


So, something loading mouse, something never finish install !


any idea to debug this ?


i have no error, maybe one error with ioplatformpluginfamily.kext, but even if i remove the plugins/ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext , the error disappear but not resolving my problem ?


Thank you :)

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