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iAtkos L2 - Freeze on the Apple screen


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Hello folks


Recently I've been trying to install my first hackintosh.


I chose iAtkos L2 (Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2).

I burned everything I need on DVD's. So I boot up with iAtkos L2, tried various "launch options" (or w/e it called) such as:





etc. Nothing worked really.


I took a video to describe my problem with the iAtkos L2:



*I'm not trying to do this on a virtual machine.. it was just easier to record*


Basically this screen just freeze, and the installation won't start.

Can someone know why?


My laptop specs:


Asus K55VM

Intel i7 3610QM

nVidia GeForce 630M + Intel HD 4000


Thanks in advance!

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Hey there!


I researched about the 630M, and i found that this model is not supported..

Is there any possible way to turn off the Nvidia card, and enabled the Intel HD4000?

I already saw some guys make it work with the HD4000


About the tutorial you gave - I don't have mac yet. (It seems like it's require for this tutorial)


The problem of this frozen Apple screen is very common. I didn't find a solution yet, and I search for A LOT of websites.. :(

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Intel HD Graphics 4000 works out of the box in OS X Mountain Lion. nVidia 630M may or may not work in Mountain Lion, but honestly I don't know. You could borrow a friend's Mac or go to the Apple store and do it.


The reason that you are getting stuck at the Apple logo is because no Ivy Bridge support like I said earlier. I did a test on a friend's laptop with Ivy Bridge and it got stuck at a black screen in verbose mode and the Apple logo with iATKOS L2. It booted the OS X Mountain Lion installer however.

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