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iLife refusing to install


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Other applications such as speed download and opera install and work fine. My setup is a Dell 9100 running a P4 3.2Ghz, 1gb ram. mobility radeon 9700(QE and CI enabled), AC97 audio. Installed OS through Goatsecx's 10.4.6. Everything working fine except LAN and a few problems w/ audio.


Anyways. installing other applications was fine. However when I try to install thoough the "install bundeled applications only" option from both my own Macbook dvd or my sister's iBook dvd, it starts up fine. Starts processing something at the screen where you choose the installation disk (2nd step) and simply says that it can't install in this system and asks to make sure if I meet the requirements. I reviewed the sys req from apple's site and I meet them all...


any ideas on what could be causing this? Thanks in advance!!




P.S. OSX is installed on an external harddrive BTW. 16GB of free space. Don't know if this matters though

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anyone?? Help please. I'm going to "aquire" iPhoto on it's own to see if it's something to do w/ the discs or my setup.


I don't know if someone else already posted a solution, anyway I managed in this way to install iLife:


Insert the CD1 of your MacBook (or whatelse), open the directory CD1/System/Installation/Packages and copy Bundled Software.mpkg on the Desktop, so that you can modify it.


Now, open the package, which means: right click -> Show package contents (I guess, I have OSX in Italian so I'm not sure on how it was translated). Then open with TextEdit Contents/Info.plist and modify as follow:








<string>/Volumes/Mac OS X Install Disc 2/Packages</string>


Here, I'm assuming the CD2, which contains iLife, is named "Mac OS X Install Disc 2"


Finally, remove the two lines at the end of the file:





If you have a different platform, the second string will be different! This disables the check of the hardware compatibility which blocks the installation, while the former mod sets the path where looking for the iLife packages.



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