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[HELP] iATKOS L2 update 10.7.4 and Tascam US-428


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Hello to all,

I installed a iATKOS L2 on my Dell Optiplex 780 MT (64bit architecture - Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 (Dual-Core) 2x 3.33 GHz - RAM: 4 GB DDR3 - Video: Intel GMA 4500 - Audio: ADI 1984A HDA) which is equipped with an old, but still functional USB sound card Tascam US-428.

Lion 10.7.2 with the Tascam works by running the 32-bit architecture with OSX86 via bootloader (Chameleon v2.1svn r1650), otherwise the drivers do not work and the sound card is not recognized.

I did the update of Lion to 10.7.3 and the Tascam had no problems with "arch = i386" via bootloader.

Now, not happy, I did the update to 10.7.4: the system works, but this time the Tascam is not recognized.

What could be the problem?

Another question: I have a Netgear WG311v2 PCI Wifi card (chipset Texas Instruments ACX111), is two days that I want in on the net far and wide to find a kext who runs the card, but to no avail ... say that I have lost hope, but if anyone has a solution I will be grateful.

Otherwise, you may recommend a PCI WiFi card and/or USB fully compatible and working with my system?

Thanks and sorry for my English.

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