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Upgraded to ML in vmware esxi. How do I fix the boot speed?


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I installed Lion onto my esxi server by using one of the ready made VM images, and pushing it to esxi with the standalone vmware tool (without that esxi complains about the format of the vmdk.)


That ran perfectly, as far as I could tell. Took almost no time to boot up, etc.


I then copied that virtual machine to test out upgrading to mountain lion. The install completed, and the machine boots, but it does have that 13 minute boot time problem.


Since I am a newbie at the whole osx86 thing, trying to tease out the relevant steps from the various install guides is not easy. Do I need to install some .kext, edit a plist, copy over some driver file? I'm hoping that someone who understands the details of what causes this slow boot time problem can give me a really quick answer. Once the boot time issue is solved, I think I'll be good to go.



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