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Freezing animations, I/O Errors, no clicking after boot, other various issues

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I finally got Lion to work on my Inspiron 531 (see http://www.insanelym...howtopic=281007 for details), but I'm running into a lot of random issues that are hindering the performance a bit:

  • Animations commonly get stuck on the screen or do not finish drawing to the screen, stopping right in the middle (I have a picture of this attached)
  • Sometimes on boot, the computer will finish all of the boot process, but then hang, repeating something like "disk2: I/O error." even though disk2 is not one of my hard drives (maybe optical?). The times it happens seems to be pretty random. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.
  • Along that line, Finder randomly asked me what I wanted to do with the blank DVD I inserted, even though the DVD was not recently inserted nor blank. Perhaps I have a bad optical kext?
  • Finally, and this one of the most irritating, the system hangs for about 10 minutes at the login screen after booting. I can move the cursor, but typing and clicking do not work (though it does catch up after it stops hanging).
  • The system locks up quite nicely when I attempt to open "About This Mac" from the menu
  • Performing a hard shutdown at any time will cause the system to stop booting, and then I have to repair the filesystem from another machine using Disk Utility
  • Pressing the power button causes the computer to go into a "deep sleep", where it will turn off essentially all the hardware but keep the power on, and cannot recover without a hard shutdown, then causing the above problem.
  • After rebooting or shutting down, my boot record has to be repaired with a Windows 7 repair disc because I get "boot0: error" (shown in an attached photo)
  • Various core applications like to hang (System Preferences, Finder, unified menu bar, etc.) for no apparent reason

If anyone can help with any of these problems, please let me know. I am sooooo close to having a working hackintosh.


Here's my setup:

Running iATKOS L2 with 10.7.3 AMD kernel v4

IOPCIFamily has been replaced with this and I added this AppleNForceATA

Using Finder from Lion DP2 (due to 32-bit compatibility)

Enabled USB kext and NVEnabler in iATKOS install


I'm booting with the following flags:

-legacy -v UseKernelCache=No arch=i386


Note that mach_kernel must be specified if not booting from installed Chameleon, and UseKernelCache=No has just been what I've used because I didn't yet rebuild the cache.


Here are the specs:

  • Model: Dell Inspiron 531
  • Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ (Dual-core/SSE3)
  • Motherboard: Asus/Dell M2N61-AX with nForce chipset
  • ATA Controller: nForce MCP61 (03F6:10DE)
  • Audio: nVidia HD Audio (0014:10DE)
  • Network: nForce Ethernet (03EF:10DE)
  • Graphics: nVidia GeForce GT 430 (0DE1:10DE)
  • BIOS Version: Phoenix AwardBIOS 1.0.13 (Dell)



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