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Mt. Lion Hackintosh, won't turnoff, has no Audio and resets my Windows clock.

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My Hackintosh is a Shuttle SH67H3 Version 2, Running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, i5-2500k, 8 GB ram, Realtek ALC 888 Audio. Intel HD 3000 on chip graphics. I used ###### - Mt. Lion 1.5.3 for install, and ###### Mt. Lion 5.0.2 for tweaks.


I really have 3 problems which I will list in order of priority.


1. I have Intel HD 3000 graphics on chip and Realtek ALC888 audio. I used ###### 5.0.2 and selected Mac Mini as my profile which gives me HD video through my HDMI port but I get no audio.


2. When I go through the normal shutdown procedure my PC seams to shutdown but then it reboots again on its own.


3. I have 2 hard drives one with Windows 7 Ultimate 64, the other with OS X 10.8. The hackintash keeps time, but keeps resetting my Windows clock to 7 hours later?

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#3. Set Windows 7 to use GMT time. Google "Fixing Time Sync issue with OSX/Windows & Linux" Your looking for "Prasy's Blog". This tells window that the BIOS time is in GMT as opposed to your local time zone, it will display the proper time.

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