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Post-Installation fixes on a Lenovo L530

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Hey guys,


I've succesfully installed ML on my Lenovo L530 thanks to this gude http://www.insanelym...pic=280756&st=0 :) The system is booting without problems, but some things are not working.


-Wifi (will never work though I think since it's a intel centrino card)


-Internal keyboard and touchpad

-Display (only available resolution is 1024x768, even though the display's 1600x900) and afaik the Intel HD 4000 should be supported natively)



The USB 2.0 Ports work nicely - haven't tested the 3.0 one yet. Despite that, I can't find any problems (gotta admit though haven't had the opportunity to test the whole system). I've extracted my DSDT and added the smbios File I used installing ML. Furthermore, I've run SystemInfo and it showed me a few Intel devices. Since the software itself only produced 0-byte files extracing the devices, I hat to create a list myself.


I've already tried the voodoo ps2 driver, but unfortunately to no avail. For my Ethernet-Card (apparently a Realtek RTL8111F) I've already thried this driver. The card gets recognized in the Mac-Systeminfo, but I somehow can't connect to my router. In the Network-screen it says connected, but I can cleary see in my router-settings that my notebook didn't connect. It didn't work via DHCP and using manual settings didn't help either.


I've attached the files I've extracted and I'm hoping you guys can help me :)


Greets Pillendreher


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Thx pal. I've already booted into Windows and deleted the kexts from Windows before I've read your answer :) How can use your way if I can't log in?




I've managed to get my keyboard working thanks to this post. Trackpad still isn't working though.


Thanks to this thread, I've got the battery icon running and I don't have that annyoing CMOS error (just before Chameleon would start) anymore :)


I think I'll make a little guide on how to install ML on a L530 after I'm done with fixing stuff ;)


EDIT: Got the trackpad working by planting "ApplePS2Trackpad.kext" in the extensions-directory. Unfortunately, it's recognised as a mouse and not as a trackpad. Is there any solution for this out there?

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Got hardware-acceleration working on the Intel HD 4000 by injecting this string into the org.chameleon.Boot.plist :)


ig-platform-id: 01660004, Stolen RAM for FB: 32MB, Pipes: 3, Ports: 1, FBMem: 1


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