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I need help with firewire hard drive

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I have installed a 120GB hard drive in an external firewire enclosure. My system was built from the JaS 10.4.7 install DVD. I can see the firewire connected drive, write data to it, even restore an image of my boot drive to it. I just can't make it visable during the boot process.


If anyone has had any sucess making a bootable firewire drive on non-Apple OSX systems, I would sure appreciate some pointers on how you did it.





I forgot to mention a few points. First, the external enclosure is able to connect using either USB or Firewire. I have tried bot to no avail.


Second, after I restore an ISO or DMG image to the external drive it is recognized in the System Preferences -> Startup Disk utility. However, if I select it and click restart it won't restart until I exit System Preferences and select the menubar restart.


In any case, when I re-boot I can never get the external drive to boot. Don't have a clue what's wrong!

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