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[HELP] Need DSDT for ACER 5740G


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Hi, first, sorry for my bad english; second, i have an issue.


The problem is my graphic card, i have the QE/CI fully working with the correct resolution (1366x768) after replacing "DisplayVendorID-717" (with the correct EDID) and editing "org.chameleon.boot.plist" located in /Extra with the "Hoolock" string, but the colors of the screen are only 256.000 (problem well known on Mac Book Pro 2010 displays). For this matter, the gradient it's not steady and it's too visible, and the images are very nasty. I've tried to:

  • Changing SMBIOS with one of Mac Book Air and iMac;
  • Inject graphic card information directly into ATI kexts.

Obviously, these methods have not worked.

So, i tought the problem is in the DSDT, and now, i search a person who can edit it for me with the patch for my problem (use the graphic card with QE/CI enabled and correct resolution without using DisplayVendorID-717).

This is the download link for my DSDT.aml: link


If anybody think this is not the solution, he is pleased tell me the right answer.

Many thanks,


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