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[Solved]Stuck at replay_journal

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I've successfully upgraded my 10.7.4 to 10.8, then out of the blue it start crashing, so I decided to do a clean install, which I already did a clean install try on separate partition and it works. So I erase my crashed partition and install the 10.8 from scratch, installed the Chameleon and reboot, it stuck. So I did a -v -s, even with the -f -u, it stack at the replay_journal. Now even I tested the test partition with clean 10.8, it also can't be boot right now.


I attached the screen capture of the verbose screen. Any idea what was the problem? before I recover my 10.7 from my Time Machine.


Edit: Nevermind, fixed by restoring 10.7.4 and install 10.8 over it, which is not working when I did that the first time, weird.

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