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need CoreServices.framework from 10.6.8

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Hello everyone,


so I accidenty deleted /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework from my working 10.6.8 installation. If someone can provide me with this file (directory, actually) I would be very grateful.


The deletion happened while I did a new install of Mountain Lion, and was using Migration Assistant to migrate from Snow Leo to the new Mtn Lion installation. I made the fatal mistake of choosing the option to migrate "other files and directories". While Migration Assistant is supposed to only copy over kexts and other system file that are newer in the source, it actually copied over some older kexts and frameworks from Snow Leo to Mtn Lion !! So it was in the process of undoing the mess that Migration Assistant had created, I ended up accidently deleting CoreServices.framework from my working Snow Leo installation. Moral of the story: never have Migration Assistant migrate "other files and directories" !!




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