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Can i Hackintosh my Dell Optiplex P4 3.6GHz using Snow Leo 10.6

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Cerastez wrote:

No, 10.6.0 will not work. You really do need 10.6.3. Check the tutorial.


I did check the link you post Cerastez... on your work, indeed it will not..,


i almost gather all the needs on my Dell even the 10.6.8 for upgrading, only that 10.6.3 is a little bit hard to find!


many Thanks on you Tutorial Link Cerastez!

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Hi Cerastez, wish ur doin' great...


yesterday i had a chance to touch my Dell... and carefully follwed what you have on your Tutorial,

but things went wrong on my "many times" attempt...


snapshots from my mobile cam are posted here so you can help me out to scrutinise where i went wrong.


thanks Cerastez... your advice are highly appreciated















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I would say that you are doing everything right. Nawcom's modcd does look different than i boot. It does not have the little red apple instead it has the white phone. Your pictures show that you are using it correctly.


The last picture is the one that matters. When I look at it I do not know what is causing your kernel panic. Did you get the kernel panic immediately after you were at the 'press any key to continue' screen? I will search around and try to see what is causing the kernel panic.

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I have been searching and from what I can tell there is something wrong with your 10.6.3 installer disk. It could just be that you need to burn it at the slowest speed possible or worst case, the disk image that you downloaded is no good.

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Hi Cerastez,


Thanks on your kind and prompt reply...


I guess you are perfectly right about my 10.6.3 installer disk,


am gonna toast another one and proceed to touch again my machine


i will post some images again here on whats happening on the process.

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