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DSDT edits for probook 4340s


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Hello professionals, i investigate more on this forum to install ML on new series 4x40s probook (mine is in my signature 4340s). And i foud the ways to install it, but have several issues - i can't use my own dsdt with 4530s patches, because of something different between this models. But i apply all patches from 4530s into my 4340s dsdt without errors for now and don't see any changes while i boot up with dsdt.aml or when i boot without my dsdt. I'm not lucky for now with how to properly edit DSDT and does 4530s patches appropriate to use with 4340s model. It has different BIOS version e.g. and i think different addresses in dsdt end etc. Whom i can ask to help me with this dsdt staff? maybe you can put a link where to research basics and advanced examples for coomon use?

I've read somewhere in forums that Ioreg can help to understand what to edit in DSDT, but where to see or how to use it - i don't know for now. ANd i need help in this area too. It can help further people to proper prepare theirs 4x40s probook to use with ML.


Thank you!!!



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