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The umpteenth guy with sleep problems


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Hi everyone,


I start by thanking for the great job supporting us users installing/setting up our Hackintosh. I've been lurking on this forum for more than 2 years and always found the answers to my problems without the need to bother anyone, but now I'm encountering a particular problem which I cannot manage to solve.


With the build on signature I installed ML using Kakewalk (I believe I selected the Gigabyte EP45-UD3P which is the most similar motherboard to the one I own). At the first run I haven't encountered any problem (apart from minor errors), Lan was working, Audio didn't but I quickly fixed it by installing a kext, SSD and CPU temperatures are shown in the dashboard. The only thing I can't get ahold of is the sleep issue.

  • I've tried to put the computer to sleep without any addition and it just stays in a freeze state without waking up.
  • I've then installed SleepEnabler and the computer instead of going to sleep turns off (what really bothers me is that if you press a mouse button or a keyboard one the pc turns on, from the bios screen of course).
  • I've installed the fixed AppleRTC kext and experienced no difference from the bullet point above (well, actually the computer apparently goes to sleep but when I press any key to wake it up the screen doesn't get any signal even though the computer looks like it has woken up).
  • I've deleted the NullCPUPowereManagement kext and got a boot error which was an actual pain in the arse to solve.

What I've understood so far is that a lot of ppl got the sleep to work by deleting the NullCPU and applying the SleepEnabler and AppleRTC, but, in order to delete the NullCPU, you need a custom DSDT for your motherboard. Does anyone know where I can find one? (my Bios version is F10.e) Once found, do I install it by replacing the existing one under Extra?


I forgot to mention that all the kexts above have been installed under S/L/E with Kext Utility.


If you've read so far, I hope you won't mind me asking another question. Is there any way to display the graphic card temperature on the dashboard? I've tried installing the Radeon kext from projectosx.com but no luck so far.


Thanks in advance for your attention/patience!

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The AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement fix in the DSDT is essential. Sure you can use the NullCPUPowerManagement kext that prevents it from loading but you may want it all including speedstep and lower temperatures and that's why your first choice would be a proper DSDT fix.


To find the right one, just google for DSDT plus the name of your Mainboard or Notebook. If you can't find a DSDT for your model, you can choose the even better alternative:


Just extract your DSDT with one click in the DSDT editor tool, and then in the "patches" menu apply the patches that has to be applied for every model to have a working DSDT and the patches you need for your hardware. Also use Google to find more patches that will fix even more hardware issues.


Get the Tool and follow the instructions:



If you are new to this it may cost you some time but you don't have to be a rocket scientist either, so you only can win.

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