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After Installing JaS DVD 10.4.6 - The System Can't Boot.

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Hey everybody!

I'm trying to help my friend that wants to install OS X on his old computer.

He has:

ECS p4vmm2

Intel Pentium 4 2.00GHz (SSE2)

GeForce2 mx/mx 400

256MB of Ram


He passed the installation successfully (and yes, he clicked on the SSE2 patch).

But When the system boots up, after the grey Apple logo, There's a blank light blue screen with a mouse. And nothing happens!

I searched a solution all over the internet for a long time, and I didn't find a good solution.


I saw this in the FAQ:

Q: I get a blue background with mouse and boot screen (only with -F) but nothing load?


A: The partition table is not edit when you install darwin or osx, there is no real reason for darwin but the parititon stay NTFS FAT32 or EXT3 (it depend of what os you was using). For fix this problem, you need to use AF partition format and use UBUNTU live-cd for edit the parition table. It is not in the list but dont worry. After, the windows bootloader and GRUB will be able to work. For the first time, reboot FROM WINDOWS and when the bootloader will apear, choose tiger-x86 (OS X) and in the advenced part, write: platform=X86PC -v Good luck!

But I don't understand the (only with -F) thing, so I don't know if that answer is the solution to my issue.


I read on the internet that I need to press F8 and enter either -v or -x. But when the system boots up - The system prints:






Darwin/x86 loading


and than tap F8 and NOTHING HAPPENS. The computer still boots to the grey Apple logo screen as normally and then there's the blue screen again, and nothing happens :/

How can I fix the light blue screen problem? Thanks.

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