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Trying to install iAtkos S3 10.6.3 on an Asus A6000 notebook


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I'm trying to install OSX on an old Asus A6k, but I'm having a lot of errors:

Usually it just can't boot, showing "Cpu Halted: it's now safe to turn off yout computer".

First error I can recognize is " SAM Multimedia: READ or WRITE failed, SENSE_REY=0x06, ASC=0x29, ASC=0x29, ASCQ=0x00". I've read that it shows because I'm using a bad disc, but this is the fourth DVD I burnt at 2x with ImgBurn!


After reading some posts made by users with similar problems to mine, I tought that probably the setup screen can't boot because I'm using a 32-bit CPU: booting with flags -arch=i386 -v isn't useful at all. Very rarely (and randomly!) it can go to the installation screen, but it blocks when I open "Disk Utility" or when I start the setup.


I tried successfuly the installation of OSX 10.4: worked flawlessly (but I couldn't find graphics and wireless kext!). Tried also iDeneb 10.5.8: it blocks on a blank screen, after booting and loading the setup files.

OSX 10.7 just can't boot: my pc reboots immediately, I think because it isn't a 64-bit system.


My pc is an old Asus A6000 Laptop, with Intel Centrino technology:


Pentium-M 32bit processor, 1.8Ghz


Radeon X700 Mobility (Many people said this is the worst graphics card for an Hackintosh!)

100GB Hard Disk Toshiba 5400RPM

Intel 2200BG Wireless Card


Maybe should I change Hackintosh version?


Thanks for any help you can give!


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Burnt the Hazard 1.6.6i ISO into a blank Sony DVD-R: initially it opened the "Choose language" screen, but the installation blocked while formatting the hard drive with Disk Utility (stuck 30 minutes at "Deactivating HDD"). I used boot flags -v -arch=i386.

I thought the hard disk may be faulty, so I took it from the pc and connected to a USB adapter: it was formatted with HFS+ on a real mac without problems. After that, I re-mounted the freshly-formatted hard disk in the notebook, in order to install OSX without opening Disk Utility.


Now again shows "CPU Halted: it's now safe to turn off yout computer", with every flag I use. I really can't understand how the same boot flags on the same DVD on the same PC can give various results! Maybe it depends on how is the Hard Disk formatted? It's the only clue I have, but it's an odd phenomenon: how the Hard Disk filesystem can compromise the installation progress?

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On Hazard instalacion /Customize/ you check for Bootloader and Kernel?To be enable?

On DVD bootflags is only -v

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