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faulty hard drive replaced now having probs with OSX

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im an expert at PC repair and diagnostics.. Mac's arent really my field of expertise.. but i took on the challenge of trying to fix a relatives Macbook white 13" im sure its the late 2006 model.. mainly the first one that came with intel chip i think..i think the model should be ma700ll/a or something like that..


her problem was it died.. and i dont really deal with macs im a PC kinda guy. but im pretty knowledgable in all fields of computer geekness..


i prettymuch troubleshooted her laptop to have a defective hard drive.. there was a constant clicking when you turned it on and it wouldnt show anything but a grey screen...


she bought a new hard drive (320GB WD scorpio blue) i swapped the old one out which was a hitachi or something.. now my problem is this.. she doesnt have the original discs. ive spent about 2 days downloading and burning so many different versions of OS X i think my head is turning into an apple..


since the hard drive is fresh i need to install an OS but im having mad trouble doing this.. at first i downloaded only stuff that would fit on a single layer dvd because thats all i had.. only one dvd i burnt even let me get the apple logo but then it would give me the do not enter sign..


holding down D or command D doesnt do anything for me..

if i boot in verbose mode.. after the appleyukon2 stuff i keep getting still waiting for root device.. and it keeps repeating still waiting for root device after the appleyukon2 stuff..


i cant do safe mode.. and when i try to boot from dvd it goes to apple logo and you see the little spinwheel under that but then it turns into the donot enter sign after a while..


any help would be greatly appreciated.. i downloaded diskwarrior.. only thing im able to do in that is check the hard drives smart status.. no formatting options in there for me..


ive reset the pram.. ive also did the hold power button down for 5 secs while the battery is removed thingy all that.. i just wanna install OS X.. yeah i could make her go and buy the OS X DVD's but what fun is that?

im hoping this golden master version of Tiger im downloading does the trick.. because SL didnt work..

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