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Nvidia Quadro NVS 295 no QE/CI

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I had a fully working copy of lion, I did a clean install of ML and had to delete all the geforce and NV kexts to boot. I then downloaded the NVDANV50HAL and NVDARESMAN kexts from DP4 and added my card device ID to the info.plist of both files, i'm using the same boot.plist from lion which has my card's EFI string in it. I get full resolution support on 2 monitors, but no QE/CI.


I have tried:


Taking out the EFi String, I'd get a black screen, or no change.

NVEnabler64.kext, redues me to 1 monitor, still no qe/ci

Using other NV kexts... Kernel panics or same result.

Booting into 32bit, no change.


I'm on the latest version of chimera, i'm kind of out of options now.

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