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How can I auto mount a remote share?


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I know this is a nit. I don't re-boot that often and I can always use Finder -> network to connect to the required NAS folders. Still, what I would like to know is a method of making those connections automatically when I login. The NAS device runs some version of Linux, but the folders appear as WinXX shares.


If anyone knows how to do this I would really appreciate some pointers.



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Thanks very much for the quick reply. I have bookmarked the URLs and begun my study. So far, I am attempting the AppleScript method since it looks like a reuseable skill to acquire ^_^

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Just to bring closure to the item, I thought I would provide my solution and again say thanks to Ramjet.


I chose an AppleScript - saved as an application and then dragged to my Account -> startup items.


The script is short and with no error checking, but given the nature of what it does I don't see that as a problem.


This is the script:


tell application "Finder"

mount volume "smb://lrh@homestorage/music"

mount volume "smb://lrh@homestorage/video"

mount volume "smb://lrh@homestorage/pictures"

end tell


I chose "mount volume" in place of "open location" because the open actually opens a finder window and I didn't want that. I also got a lot of usefull information form the Apple developer site at




Again, thanks for the help.

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