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Minor non-hardware issues with JaS 10.4.6....


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Hi, i been running 10.4.5 absolutely fine 100% for a month, can even play wow, quake4 and doom3 absolutely 100% fine. Decided to try the JaS 10.4.6 to see if sse3 enabled would improve anything much but have noticed some annoying albeit minor inconveniences with this version - enough so im going back to 10.4.5 unless anyone knows how to fix these issues?


1) login window always shows even when u set it to automatically login, reboot and it pops up the login window no matter what i set.


2) it pops up some annoying remote login window ive never seen every reboot, even when i click the "dont show this again" option.


3) my dashboard has lost the 3d effect when i click the "i" even though it still has the "splash" effect from core image


4) Mouse tearing seems to be twice as bad as it was in the myzar 10.4.5 even with callisto and agpgart.


Havent seen any other issues but the login window and remote login ones are so annoying im not goign to bother with this version again till i can find out fixes.

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