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Help installing on dv6z-6100


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So years ago I attempted to try an get OS X running on my desktop which has an AMD Ahtlon 64 x2 6000+ CPU. After lots of failed attempts I gave up and figured it just wouldn't ever happen.


Recently I got 10.6.7 running through VMware on my HP dv6z-6100 and thought I'd give it a go trying to get it running natively on it. Reason it's only running through VMware now is because it has an AMD CPU. My laptop specs are as follows:


AMD A6-3400M APU @ 1.4GHz (overclocked to 3.1)

6GB DDR3 665

SLI dual graphics with Radeon HD 6520G / HD 7470M


I've tried doing some reading but decided I would rather ask to get a straightforward answer. Is it possible to get OS X to run natively on my hardware ? I realize just because I have it running through VMware it doesn't mean it's fully possible natively. Running it through VMware is just a tease. It runs decently smooth but seeing as how it lacks real 3D acceleration I would much rather get it to run native with in dual boot alongside windows 7.

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