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Neo's PowerMac G5 Case Mod

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Hey there fellow modders and hackintosh lovers.

I bought this PowerMac G5 case about a year and a half ago, about March 2011 and I just haven't done anything with it.




I gave it to a relative who was going to work on it however did not so I got it back and started looking into modding it to take a standard mATX motherboard.

I've gone through several ideas one using the existing standoffs to mount an acrylic sheet inside with the various mATX standoffs installed.

However this would mean that the Mobo was elevated so I ended up just scrapping the idea also because the I/O at the back would also be difficult.


One day, today I just thought screw this, I'm actually going to start this thing and I happened to have a jigsaw handy.


It was fairly easy to cut through the aluminium, it feels alot stronger than it actually is!

But it makes one hell of a noise with the jigsaw.




This is what I was left with after cutting the back out.



I have a Motherboard tray from a scrap case and I will be mounting the backplate into a aluminium sheet and then rivet that to the case.

Getting the actual tray which supports the motherboard will have to be glued or supported in another way.


I hope to update this soon!

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