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Lion SERVER install, is it possible? (DELL Poweredge T410)


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Can Lion 10.7.X SERVER be installed on a dual CPU (Intel Xeon E5) DELL PowerEdge?

This is the question i would like some help with.


I have purchased a DELL poweredge server to replace an IBM Blade system as my household media and file server. I would like to install and use Lion Server to gain 100% compatability with the computers in my house (Mostly Apple Macs, partly Hackintosh Builds).


Can anyone give me some advide on the workability of this or any tips or previous experience with making a haXServe (xD bad name i know).


This is the system I have purchased.


PowerEdge T410 Server



Dual XEON E5 processors

32GB of unbuffered DDR3-1666

6 x WD Green 2TB HDDs

Dual Intel Gigabit Ethernet



Can anyone give me some advice on this?

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