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Stops booting at Mac Framework sucessfully initialized


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Hi guys. I haven't been using OSX in my PC in about two years. The installation remained in hard disk I've decided to store as it had some hardware failure and while I didn't loose any data and the disk is working, I don't trust its reliability anymore. As far as I remember, it was a Leopard installation, as I was having issues with 10.6 and I've reverted to the last working configuration. Since the disk doesn't have chameleon and boots directly in Darwin, I further assume that disk has and old Leopard installation.

The PC has changed since OSX was installed in that currently spare disk. It had a Geforce 8600GT back then, which I later upgraded to a GTX 460, which was never used with OSX and, due the motherboard failing, the original Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L was replaced by a MSI G41M-P26L. I've also added an SSD in the meantime.

Now, since I've purchased a cheap sata/ide to usb adapter so it's easier for me to grab that shelved disk and do something other than backup with it, I've decided to give the old hackintosh another go.

However, when it boots, it hangs at the screen of the photo I'm attaching. Could this be due the hardware change, and is there a way to fix it without a full reinstall?


And if I need to reinstal again, this particular disk has three partitions: 2 40GB partitions, one with OSX, the other with a Time Machine backup and the 3rd with a data backup in ntfs. Since 40GB is a bit too tight for the OS, what's the easiest way to copy the Time Machine partition/backup so I can delete those two partitions and make a fresh install in a larger partition?


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