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I am the proud new owner of a frankenstein macbook 4,1, ghetto rigged to cr4p rebuilt twice from the parts of three malfunctioning macbooks. cant seem to get the audio to work for the mac osx snow leopard or windows xp sp3 32 bit.. other from that, working perfectly. new chinese super battery: price $23.50, comparison to the new or refurbished mb4,1 battery 129$ ??

under linux, the alsa runs my sound: youtube videos, streaming internet radio, mp3s and so forth.., but on macosx snow leopard or windows xp, the soundcard is detectable and inoperable. linux mint 13 supports the audio hardware..

The chinese battery device splits itself into two different 1.5 hour tooltips fully charged.



I filled out the quizzes and i have just decided to leave a blog post.


In my experience with osx86, i was working with old hardware: a salvaged mainboard (am2 or am2+) that happened to be compatible with the macbook setup. i happened to update and destroy my setup. i had tried to buy the software, but it was not so easily obtainable. I want to build a hackintosh pc, price range 200$ or less, using an am3+ mainboard (Asus M5A78L-M-LX-PLUS), running an Athlon II X2 AM3. It seemed to me that the hardware was similar on the mainboard. this board is near the M4A88T-V and the M5A88(ati hd3k, the m5a78L has by comparison to the m5a88). I do have access to a geforce 8400. I would say i am a semi-intermediate with linux. I dont really need a wireless connection for a desktop pc,


the audio on this particular M5A78L has a Realtek ALC887.. tho, it'd be so cheap to outfit it with an audigy, if compatiblity problems.

well, 93% mac.. i do not care for bluetooth or wireless in this case. I want to host project files on "sputty" throughout development and i want to monitor efficiency and reliability.


*I GOT RIPPED ON MY 2nd QUIZ SCORE* (just want to access private blog tools)


inviting any idler insanelymac hackintosh fans to assist! email: projectsputty@gmail.com


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