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Multiple users connected to Airport Extreme drive


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I have a Airport Extreme with multiple hard drives connected via a USB hub. Until tonight, I was the only one connecting and accessing these drives but, now I have another user accessing the drives from their Mac user account.


Whenever either of us try to access a drive that the other is using we get a red circle with a white - over the folder/drive when opening it and it hows 0 items. If we try to double click on the folder/drive in the path bar an error "The folder "xxx" can't be opened because you don't have permission to see its contents".


The only way I found to connect is to disconnect form the shared network and let Mac OS X Lion reconnect on its own then open the drive/folder.


What am I doing wrong? Is there a setting on the Airport Extreme to allow multiple users to connect to the drive/folder at the same time (if so, I haven't found it after searching)? I want to be able to be logged into my Mac user account and have access to my drives for my Apple TV's though iTunes but at the same time my wife wants to be signed into her account on the Mac and be doing other stuff on the network drives.


Thanks in advance.

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