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USB 3.0 Expresscard alternatives


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I discovered a "new" seller of ExpressCard/34 cards with support for both Mac and Windows ( obviously our focus here is OSX ).


Oyen Digital apparently sells an ExpressCard/34 which is very similar to many of the generics found on Ebay. Using the LaCie drivers from ###### have proven to be hit or miss, because of issues with sleep and random disconnects. The driver for this card actually tries to detect the presence of the LaCie driver before allowing installation of it's own driver ( interesting! ).


Perhaps some brave soul can try out this driver and tell of his/her experience with it. If I can muster enough courage to use my system as a guinea pig, maybe I'll uninstall the LaCie driver and install this one, and see how it behaves.


Anyone else willing to give it a try ?


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