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New Hack that can double as a Steam gaming PC

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Alright, with the Steam sale around the corner, I'm considering building 2 cheaper Hackintoshes (one for my wife, one for my son) that can double as Steam gaming PCs.


Any caveats to:



GeForce GTX 480

Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3


In relation to a new hackintosh build?


I'm looking for the most perfect install that can be done, so if it means a different motherboard or GPU, I'm open to other options.



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I'd avoid a Fermi card because of the freezing issues. Not a fan of ATI on the Windows side, but they seem to be a better choice for Hackintosh.


Kepler support was just added so perhaps a 6xx series nVidia card would be more stable, but it'd also be a bit more expensive.

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