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[SOLVED] Safari/mDNSResponder issues


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Okay, So i've got a bit of a weird issue. I woke up this morning and I had no internet. So I checked on the other devices in the house and it was just me. Thought it might have been my nForceLan.kext so removed it then reinstalled it. Got nowhere. I could reach any local IP's but nothing else.


Went to the almighty Google with my phone and found that if I unload and then reload the mDNSResponder LaunchDaemon I could get internet! YAY... kind of...


Everything works fine after I do that (on every boot mind you) EXCEPT Safari. I can reach sites by IP in Safari but that's it. I managed to get a copy of Firefox and am writing this from there but would like to figure out why I need to unload and reload mDNSResponder on every boot and get Safari working properly again.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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