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Annoying Grey Screen of Death on hp6720s 10.6.6

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Hi to all

I'm a happy owner of an hp6720s on which I have installed a broadcomm bcm4311 wireless card in order to make it work out of the box with Airport Problem is that since I have updated the system to 10.6.6 (I used iAtkos s3v2 and followed the specific topic on this forum ) the system crashes randomly with a grey screen of death. Actually I do strongly believe this might have something to do with the kext of the wireless card, as at first I had been given a defective wireless card (It wasn't working at all but before getting back to the seller saying "hey man this is broken!" I had to try every possible way to make it work so I tried a lot of different kext and solutions).

Now I wouldn't like to spend much time on sorting things out (as usually this thing happens when I'm connected to the net and on first impact I thought that it might have been firefox's fault or flash but yesterday it happened while I was using Libre Office) so this is the question:

1)Is there any way to get straight to what is causing the crash,a log or something similar? I've heard something about a program called crash reporter but I don't know how to use it.

2) if so, would you lend me a hand in decrypting it? (usually logs are quite difficult to understand if I remember correctly)

3) total different matter, I've noticed that when I turn on the bluetooth on the grey bar (sorry I dont know its name =) ) the bar itself start responding so slowly to every click ( as if the pc was totally busy )unless I turn it off again, but the other applications and the dock still work flawlessly, can you help me on sorting things out? I have already used onyx to clean the system.


I know there's a specific thread for my pc, but as they are now "on lion" I've decided to open a new topic to make things simpler, if necessary I'll gladly post my problem there, please note that I also have opened a post in the Italian section of the forum, but no one gave me a response in two days, so here I am.

Thanks in advance

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yes, boot verbose by using -v at the chameleon boot prompt. Besides showing logs during boot, this will also enable advanced error logging so that while booted into the desktop, if and when you have a kernel panic (aka crash) instead of the grey restart screen, a crash log will appear on the screen instead and will list the kernel extension responsible along with it's dependencies. At that point if you need help reading the log to decipher what the problem is just take a picture and post it here, we'll be able to let you know.

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