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10.7.2 Install on Lenovo M81 - Shutdown not working


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I've installed 10.7.2 on a Lenovo M81 PC, i5 Quad, 4GB, ATI 6450 512MB. Everything seems to run great, using Voodoo Audio, has the Intel Gigabit Ethernet, however Shutdown will not work, it just restarts the PC.


I used the iAtkos DVD 10.7.2 L1, and ran the ###### Lion for the Voodoo Audio. Pretty much vanillia install, the Extra folder just has the SMBIOS and 2 other files... forget as I'm not in front of the PC. All the hardware is recognized, QE works, sound works, ethernet works, just can't figure out why it won't Shutdown. i recently tried the same iAtkos install on a Lenovo M57 - Core 2 with the same video card, vanillia install same, and everything worked perfect including the shutdown. Not using a DSDT.


Any idea's? Thanks.

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