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G74SX/i7-2630QM Low Performance/Benchmark Speeds


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I rendered some full HD video in AE the other day, and noticed it was substantially slower than in Windows, so I ran Geekbench, which confirmed my suspicions. I'm sure it's probably something simple, but I can't seem to figure out what.




Integer Processor integer performance 6353

Floating Point Processor floating point performance 10979

Memory Memory performance 4179

Stream Memory bandwidth performance 5802


Base score: 7482


Also, Cinebench:

OpenGL: 21.69 FPS

CPU: 3.78 pts


This laptop has the i7-2630QM, a Nvidia GTX 560M 3GB, and 16GB RAM, with a 256GB Crucial M4 SATA III SSD. Running 10.7.4, with GTX 5xx enabler installed. I should be pulling higher speeds than this, specifically on the processor end. Any suggestions?

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