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Mountain Lion & Intel HD3000 issue

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Did anyone manage to get this integrated card nearly fully working @ ML DP4?


I can run installation process by replacing AppleIntellSNBGraphicsFB.kext (without its hang up) on USB stick with the one patched from 10.7.3 (u can find it on some page with "x86 download" section name...). But the screen resolution keep on 1024x768...


The only way to fix this issue for me @ Lion was by replacing that kext with this patched one. None of actually existing method beside this one helped me by that time (DSDT modding after GFX0, using minimac smbios).


Any thoughts ?

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10.8 DP4 only 64 bit, i think u need patch port for intel HD3000 use guid of bbc9. ps: i used Dell V131 smbios macbookair4,2, mod port

AppleIntellSNBGraphicsFB.kext, and i only see support 64 bit

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