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having no luck with sound

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Ive got a guite servicable osx86 machine happening. its in an aria ssf box and its got an asus a8n-vm-csm, nvidia 7600gt and ralink 2500 wireless (couldnt belive they had a stock driver for that thing) after all manners of problems with usb, acpi and whatall its finaly happening and runs osx very well...exept for sound.


it uses the soundmax 1986a chip I belive and I havnt been able to do anything with it. Ive tryed the 882 method of pico sudoing the appleazalia kext (putting in my own venfdor id and device info but it didnt work for me. I also tryed a yamaha usb speakerset which if I check in the system profiler shows up with all sorts of info but not in the sound/output devices.


I have heard of a lengendary azalia patch mentiond on the forums but cant find it (is it the same as the 882 fix? and is there something to do to usb speaker so that they work other than plugging them in?


these forums have been an exelent resorce to help get his machine happening and thank you all.

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