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G5 Case Mod - Keeping It Real Mod

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Greetings All,

A while ago I purchased a G5 Case, finally I have finished school and finally have time to modify it. First of all before even looking below, I did not glue the motherboard to the Case itself (It looks like it), everything is explained below. Enjoy Reading fellow Geeks, Modders and Co


First of all I knocked out the G5 Motherboard risers and I also took out the back Fan Grill part. So now I had a flat and clear surface to work with, my plan is to not modify the front or back, keeping it original as possible on the outside. So instead of ripping the back to parts and putting in a motherboard case, I reused the G5 Motherboard risers.


They came off easily with a hammer, (don't worry if you need to give it some force, it wont break) and I screwed in standard motherboard risers into the G5 Mobo Risers, which means that I can securely mount an ATX Motherboard to it. The reason I didnt screw it straight to the G5 Risers is because you cannot screw most screws all the way in which meant the motherboard could move. N90JY.jpg


Then using UHU Glue (SuperGlue) I glued the G5 Risers into place, (I could have worked out the markings but i wanted it exact, so I attached it all to the motherboard before gluing it in. So right now as far as the motherboard goes, that's where I am... Once the glue dries, I'm going to unscrew the motherboard and then add additional glue to the G5 Risers.




On the used case I purchased it had the back fan grills which are removable, so I took them out and glued two standard pc case fans to the back, keeping with the original design, but on budget. As for the Hard Drives, I luckily have the original G5 HDD Caddy so I'm going to use that to hold my drives, but I need to find a way to secure them properly.



I did have the original front panel but I already broke that, so I'm going to need to get me a new one of those, however i do have that black front panel cable which I'm going to mod, so it has standard ATX Connectors on the other side. As for the back of the case I'm going to use extenders of all the cable and glue them to the ports. I also plan on purchasing two more case fans for the front.



**Note - Masking Tape has only been used to keep things in place whilst they dry, I'm not some crazy Glue and Tape Guy :P**


I'll be sure to update you all soon.

Thanks for reading,

Rav Jagdev (@MistahRav on Twitter)

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Update - 10/06/2012


I turned the hard drives around so the Sata ports are on the front rather than back, which means its nice and secure, if I kept it the other way around then the drives would be able to move around as it can't be locked in because there needs to be sata cables connected. (Hope that makes sence). Also got another photo of the back fans





Thanks for reading,

Rav Jagdev (@MistahRav on Twitter)

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