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Lion 10.7.4 not recognizing ATI Radeon Mobility HD 5450


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Hey guys, I'm new in the OSX world, I managed to get the Iatkos L2 working on my Hp Dm4 1095br, so far I got the following working:


Video: Intel HD Graphics 771 MB

Ethernet Working Realtek

Audio Working with VoodooHda

Bluetoth (didn't install anything, just works)

Keyboard with some problems in the layout, but nothing that bug me

Touchpad works but I got no Tapping function, have to use the buttons.


My specs:


Intel Core core i7 620M 2.66ghz

6gb Ram DDR3


ATI Radeon Mobility HD 5450 1024mb


My problem is, I installed the kexts for the 5450 but they dont work. Some posts I've read tell to get the device ID and put in the kext, but in the system monitor, all I got is the Intel GPU card, there is no sign of the ATI at all.


How can I get the lion to recognize the 5450? I hope you guys can help me out.



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Yes. the injector is in place, the kexts too. But as I said, it's like the ATI card didnt existed. It doesnt show up in the System Info and the kexts doesnt work.


There is a way to force the system to see the Ati? I saw in other post that a guy used a .rom file, and in the chameleon there's an option to use a ATI Rom, but I have no idea how to do that.


I'm actually using the Intel HD kexts, but even if I delete the intel kexts will not recognize, and I end up with the Intel HD with only 64MB of video.

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I finally got into the Advanced settings on my Bios, but I can't disable the Hybrid Graphics function. Even if I change the option, falls back to Hybrid automatically. I've tried at least 10 different solutions found here on the forum and another forums, and anyone got my ATI card recognized. I know that the bootloader recognizes it because it shows in the boot ATI CARD POSTED, but the osx can't recognize at all.

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