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Successful Lion install on Gateway SX2840-01


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Last evening I installed iATKOS l2 on my three-year old desktop Gateway sx2840-01 and everything is running great so far.

This machine came with an Intel Core i3 530 processor, integrated graphics, 6 GB of RAM, a 1TB HDD and Windows 7.

The hard drive tended to overheat and cause unexpected shutdown (I am in the tropics), even with the case open.

I took out the drive and put it in an external powered enclosure with a USB 2.0 connection and then installed internally a 60GB SSD on which I replaced Windows. I also added an Asus Geforce GT 430 graphics card.


On the external drive I installed Linux Mint 13 and now iAtkos L2 and used EasyBCD to set up the triple boot.

I used pretty much all the suggested customisations in iAtkos and was astonished to find that everything worked the first time!

I can adjust the display at will (I have an Acer 1715 LCD monitor), sound, ethernet, "about this Mac", iCloud, App Store all work!

The machine is entirely responsive and runs snappily in all the applications I have tried so far. HD video is a joy to watch.

I installed Chrome for Flash availability and to sync browser settings with my other OS installations. No problems there.


I left the machine on all night and this morning I found that software updates had been automatically downloaded and were waiting for installation.

After installation the machine restarted and I was able to return to Lion (now 10.7.4) with no problem. IAtkos L2 is amazing! Thank you so much.

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