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Bug: launchctl.c:2325 hang on install.


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So, when I try to boot into Snow Leopard using my USB drive created using iB00t or iATKOS L2, I keep getting stuck at "Bug: launchctl.c:2325"(picture included). I will get stuck there when I try to install Snow Leopard for a few minutes, but it ultimately passes it. I left it there for maybe 3 hours(enough time to go grocery shopping, to read the Black Sabbath Wikipedia page, take a shower and clean my pool) and it was still stuck there. No idea what to do.


My specs are:


i7 2600k


16GB Kingston HyberX Ram




GeForce GTX 570


1TB Caviar Black Western Digital HD.(This is where OS X is being installed, but in a 200GB partition.)


OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD(disconnected)


I have all everything set correctly in my BIOS, I believe. If anyone could provide input, that'd be great. Thanks.


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