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ALC888b DSDT front panel not working 10.7.4

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I am on Lion 10.7.4 with an ALC888b chip on Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H R7.

My rear green connector for speakers works in all of configurations I tried and it works fine.


My front green (headphones) and pink (mic in) connectors do not work in any configuration I tried. I am trying to get this working and need help.


Configurations I tried:

- MB4.5.2 with DSDT for my motherboard R7 (bios patched to newest revision), selected Patched AppleHDA -> ALC887/888b (and other stuff for my hardware which all works fine + UserDSDT)

- With MB4.5.2 replaced AppleHDA.kext with 887_Lion_AppleHDA_887-100202-1 (Fixed layout387.xml PathMapID) from http://www.tonymacx8...ic.php?p=367199

-- tried normal settings, then I used DSDT editor for next steps (edit /Extra/DSDT.aml, compile, save aml)

-- tried setting layout 387

-- tried setting layout 287

-- tried setting layout 887


In all configurations, my speakers on rear panel work. My headphones on front panel never work. I know that my DSDT editing was successful because after reboot I see different Output/Input available in Sound settings. I tried all Output settings but only the speakers work (of course I change the Output in Sound settings to try if headphones work, but they don't, and speakers work of course only when I select the 1st output in the list). I also looked if Mic connected to front works in Input but it never detects any input (I have mic connected of course).


What is perhaps interesting is that if I go to System Information, under Audio I will see "Intel High Definition Audio" that DOES have a Headphone listed under it, but under Sound I do not have the option to set Headphone as the Output. I only have Internal Speakers, Line Out (sometimes 2 of these depending on layout used) and Digital Out.


Help is appreciated!


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