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[Help] Speedstep in Amilo pi 2550.


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I'm trying to fix the ACPI from Fujitsu Siemens Amilo PI 2550.

To do this, I took the table dsdt.dsl and SSDT[1-2-3-4].dsl on linux (is the system I use).


I put all SSDT tables in the DSDT file (In the method first method of the dsdt).

The iasl doesn't show any error, only shows optimizations.

I put it in the kernel and then I compile the hex, and still freezing. When I don't move the mouse, it blocks . To do this, I think there must be some problem with the SSDT (stepsteep)


Problem: Freezes constantly (eg music , WIFI)

My computer features:

Core 2 duo.


I followed this guides:






Thank you very much in advance :king:


PD:I haven't applied any patch in DSDT.


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You need very good smbios.plist....not from IMac or MacPro.

Get app called Mactracker.app and see very good for the same hardware :thumbsup_anim:

And enable thermal profile inside IOPlatformPluginFamilt.kext/Contens/Plugins/SMCPlarformPlugin.kext

Every thing i upload there:

http://www.osx86.net/view/2805-speedstep_without_dsdt.html lpcbk9-3b3df4.png

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